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If you’re a fan of film and television, IMDb is the place for you. You can find anything from cast and production crew biographies to plot summaries and fan and critical reviews. It’s also a great place to find streaming content such as TV shows and home videos. If you’re looking for something to watch while you’re on the go, IMDb is the place to go.

IMDb’s Metascore

IMDb’s Metascore ranks movies according to how well they are reviewed by critics. Movies with a high Metascore are “must-see” selections that have been well-reviewed by a diverse cross-section of critics. Films with a low Metascore are considered “bad” and are flagged with a “red” color.

The IMDb Metascore is based on reviews that are attached to registered accounts. These scores can be broken down by gender, age, and US or foreign users. While the Metascore can be a helpful tool for moviegoers, it may not be as reliable as the CinemaScore, which is based on in-person evaluations by critics.

IMDb’s Metascore can be misleading. The bars that appear near the middle of the graph tend to be higher than those near the edges. The heights of these bars tend to decrease as they approach the extremes. This is a sign that the Metascore is biased toward the highest average values. It also indicates that the high-rated area of the graph is similar to a normal distribution, while the area with low-rated movies appears empty.

Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes is a website where moviegoers can find reviews and ratings of movies. The site was launched by three undergraduates at the University of California, Berkeley. It was founded to make it easier for moviegoers to find information about the movies they’re interested in seeing.

To use Rotten Tomatoes, all you have to do is create an account. Once you have, you can add movies you want to see to your Want to See list. These movies will then be displayed in your personal profile. This feature is similar to that offered by IMDb. Besides letting you find the best films, Rotten Tomatoes can also tell you which movies are rated high enough to warrant a trip to the movie theater.

The Rotten Tomatoes website has gained wide popularity since its launch in 1999. It received coverage in Netscape and USA Today, and it even received praise from the famous film critic Roger Ebert. This helped convince many moviegoers to give the site a try. However, many users are still unsure about how Tomatometer works.


Amazon is rebranding its IMDb TV service to Freevee, a free streaming service that offers movies and original shows. It first launched in the UK in September last year and plans to expand to other European markets in the coming months. Amazon also plans to increase the amount of original content produced by the service. The company plans to grow its original content by 70% this year.

The free service also has a watchlist, allowing users to save any show they’d like to watch later. It’s similar to the way a user adds an IMDB listing to their watchlist. Occasionally, the list will contain more than one show, and you can switch between them using your watchlist.

When IMDb TV first launched, the service was comprised mainly of old movies and TV shows. But since then, the company has diversified its content lineup, bringing in original programming like the newest version of the Judge Judy franchise, Alex Rider, and Time Wasters. The service has also struck several content deals to bring its subscribers popular shows and movies. It recently announced a partnership with The Walt Disney Co. for the 2020 season.

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