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Animal Tattoos with Strong Symbolism: Why Have It?

If you’re thinking about getting an animal tattoo, it’s essential to understand the meanings behind each design. It will help you select a design that truly resonates with you.

Animals are often depicted as symbols of various culturally-rooted ideas. Some of these animals have deep, personal meanings that can resonate with you.


Tiger tattoos are adaptable in body placement and design and look fantastic on their own or as a sleeve. It can be tattooed as simply the head, the entire body, as a kneecap explosion, or in combination with other symbols like peonies and daggers. Tigers also look fantastic in classic, realistic, black-and-white, and other styles. The symbolism of a tiger tattoo might vary, but at its foundation, the tiger is all about power. Power, pride, independence, sexual prowess, nature, freedom, fury, sternness, courage, faith in one’s instincts, beauty and danger, composure under pressure, and unwavering confidence are all things that a tiger tattoo may represent.


Deer are beautiful creatures that have long been respected and revered by many cultures. Art and tattoo designs depict them as symbols of beauty, grace, and nobility.

They also symbolize good luck in many cultures, as they’re said to represent longevity and wisdom.


A fox tattoo is a highly symbolic animal tattoo that can come in many forms. It may be a sly tattoo that shows off the fox’s craftiness and cleverness, or it could be an elegant design that captures the essence of the fox.

Anything on your body, from your neck to your back, can be tattooed with a fox, depending on the message you wish to communicate. Just make sure to choose a spot that will showcase the tattoo well.

Koala Bear

The koala bear is one of the most highly symbolic animal tattoos. It’s an excellent choice for those wanting to get inked with an animal representing relaxation, innocence, and loyalty.

Koalas deeply connect to nature and can help you connect to your spirituality. They also have a strong maternal instinct that will help them protect their child.


If you want a highly symbolic animal tattoo, a leopard may be the way to go. This majestic creature is known for its savagery during hunting, but it also possesses many other traits that make it a great tattoo choice. The animal’s unique spotted fir symbolizes their connection with lonely animal life, their killer hunting instinct, adaptability and the ability to manipulate any situation in their favor. It also indicates their awe-inspiring size and their ferocious gliding speed!


Animal tattoos are a great choice because they can have a meaning that is specific to you.

Typically, these designs are cute and whimsical, often recalling childhood memories and innocence. Some people even choose cartoon-like cats to add a storybook character look to their tattoos.

The cat is highly symbolic because it represents a lot of different things. It can symbolize luck, love and loyalty or simply a reminder to keep your head up when times get tough.


If you’re looking for a highly symbolic animal, try a butterfly. Butterflies are symbols of life and spiritual rebirth.

Survivors of mental illness often choose to get a butterfly tattoo because it shows that they have been through difficult times but have finally come out on the other side.

A blue butterfly tattoo is a good choice because it’s considered a lucky charm. It’s also a symbol of freedom and childlike wonder.


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