Mental Health Tattoos

Those who have mental health issues can choose to get tattoos to symbolize their condition. Some tattoo designs, such as butterfly tattoos, are great symbols of healing and recovery. Butterfly tattoos use watercolor techniques to show the journey a person takes when battling mental illness. Moreover, they show that even during the darkest times, beauty can still shine.

Semicolon tattoos symbolize mental health recovery

For people who have suffered from depression, a Semicolon tattoo can be a powerful reminder of hope. It is also symbolic of mental health issues and aims to bring awareness to these issues. The symbol connects two ideas that were originally independent: the life before a mental health crisis and the life after it. It also helps bring about conversations about suicide.

I am a worthy tattoo

A tattoo of an upside-down head can represent mental illness. It’s a simple but powerful image that sends an important message. It also serves as a reminder.

Keep going tattoo

A tattoo with the words “Keep going” on it can be a symbol of hope and strength. The semicolon symbol incorporated into the design symbolizes continuing to fight the battle against mental illness. It also reminds the wearer to be kind to themselves.

Self-doubt on a tombstone

The words “Self-doubt” and “tombstone” can seem unrelated to one another, but they are certainly related in one sense: they are related to mental health. When we talk about self-doubt, it usually means that we are doubting our own capabilities. This kind of doubt can have a number of detrimental consequences. For example, it can lead to depression, anxiety, and other problems.

Quote tattoo

A Quote tattoo for mental health can be symbolic of the entrapment and depression one can feel, or it can simply reflect an attitude of being kind to oneself. This tattoo may be particularly meaningful to someone who struggles with depression and anxiety. It may also incorporate the semicolon symbol for mental health awareness, as well as the lotus flower symbol for the ability to push through.

Self-doubt on a scroll

If you suffer from self-doubt, you know how painful it can be. It impacts our behavior and our mental health. For example, self-doubt can lead to self-handicapping, which is a tendency to blame other factors for failure. For example, a student who is worried about failing a test may not study properly and will blame her failure on her lack of effort. While this can help the student improve her grade in the future, it can also cause further self-doubt.

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PTSD tattoos

People suffering from PTSD may want to consider getting tattoos that symbolize the condition. For instance, they can get a tattoo of the brain surrounded by blossoming flowers. This tattoo can be a symbol of mental health or a memorial for a loved one. It can also be a way to overcome the shame associated with the trauma that caused PTSD.

Depression tattoos

The design of depression tattoos is often simple but powerful. They are symbols of the paths people take through life. They are easy to care for and can even be a full-sleeve tattoos. They become even more meaningful with age.

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