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Chris Kabs is a visionary and influential producer and artist from Dublin. He arrives now with his new sound, “No Joke.” The single brings several influences, clinging to rhythms from hip-hop. However, the artist’s range is very wide, the song draws on a variety of influences while adhering to hip-hop rhythms. The artist’s range is broad, though, and he takes a chance by fusing rap with trap, and it pays off. And he bets on the mix of trap and rap, and it works.

He has performed at events like Hard Working-Class Heroes, Longitude, the renowned Dublin venue Whelans, and RTE Live, and has also headlined Sound House, Grand Social, and Cyprus Avenue thanks to his experience as an artist, which has allowed him to gain the recognition and credibility that has helped him become a regular on the gigging circuit. Chris Kabs announces the release of a new song, titled “No Joke,” featuring the titan of Dublin hip-hop, JyellowL, on September 16th via Rough Bones. JyellowL, a hip-hop artist from Dublin, has scheduled a brand-new headline performance for Friday, November 18, 2022, at Dublin’s Button Factory.

The announcement comes after his most recent joint effort with Chris Kabs, “No Joke,” was released last week. Along with producing artists like Tolu Makay, Coolio, Hudis, and JyellowL, Kabs also provided music for Ozone, FIFA 20, and Normal People.


It’s no secret that the RnB, Hip Hop, and Afro scene in Ireland has developed into a competitive, multifaceted field with important voices emerging as major participants. On “No Joke,” Chris Kabs and JyellowL give one of the best contributions to the burgeoning landscape.

This phenomenal music with the best of Chris kabs can listen. The music video for rap is out now finally which was announced before. The lyrics are amazing as the sound.

Kabs views on “No Joke “upcoming song

It’s been intriguing to observe how some innovative thinkers compromise their integrity to get popularity and notoriety or to sound like a specific artist. And I realize that for some people, following the rules works. I choose to be true and carve out my own route and vibe instead of letting the public form their own opinions, though, because I am a visionary and am motivated by my own creativity. Because yellow is my musical sibling and is aware of it, his flow, “I don’t follow I pioneer,” wonderfully complements the tune. We are pioneers.

Kabs, who lists Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, and Wyclef Jean as among his key influences, doesn’t like to get mired down in genres. owing to his commitment and courage.

Just a couple of days ago Chris Kabs Tweeted on his Twitter account that people are loving his new album “No Joke “absolutely as stats show over 150000 people heard it on Spotify track. This song is just a delicious thing and a pleasure to listen representing his skill. One of Chris kab’s popular soundtrack proving.

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